Wasserwirt is life for human and animals!

“Der Wasserwirt” – we are there for you when it is getting narrow! Innovative. Solution-oriented. Flexible. Environmentally friendly. We will find a solution that suits you. The conditions of nature are combined with what is technically possible. The team from “Der Wasserwirt” accepts every challenge and finds a solution. Words that describe our way of working are innovative and solution-oriented.

Bernhard Monai

Phone: +43 664 3831862
Email: bernhard.monai@der-wasserwirt.at
Fields of activity: acquisition, maintenance, R&D, solution finder

Magdalena Pirker

Authorized signatory
Phone: +43 664 6492233
Email: magdalena.pirker@der-wasserwirt.at
Fields of activity: Sustainability, Internationalization, search for licence taker, market culitcation, finance,R&D, reporting

Birgit Zraunig

Phone: +43 664 8141738
E-Mail: birgit.zraunig@der-wasserwirt.at
Fields of acticity: Planning, purchase, submission plans of fish ladders, planning of attraction current pump, handling of R&D projects, organization of maintenance/sampling/reporting of separating plants, water pollution control systems

Eva Salkic

Phone: +43 664 88733362
Email: office@der-wasserwirt.at
Fields of activity: Office, appointment accordination