Maintenance of water protection systems

Maintenance of water protection systems

We take over the maintenance of water protection systems.

The following activities are carried out in the course of maintenance:

Sedimentation tanks:

  • Check the inlet for contamination
  • Functional check of the automatic locking device (inlet lock if available)
  • Check the functionality of the relief devices
  • Determine the thickness of the sludge layer
  • Check the inflow into the bottom filter basin
  • Functional check of the gate valves or flaps


Filter basin:

  • Control of the inlet and outlet area
  • Check the bottom filter (check for silting of the filter layers)
  • Checking the permeability of the filter layers (If necessary, permeability tests are carried out in the filter basin. These will be charged separately.)
  • Slope control
  • Vegetation control up to the maximum water level of the soil filter basin
  • Vegetation control outside the water level
  • Functional check of the gate valve and mechanical installation parts
  • Functional check of the relief devices
  • Functional check of the drainage
  • Recording of the current water levels in the pools


Discharge structure (e.g. hollows and finishes):

  • Check for erosion
  • Check for symptoms of scab
  • Control of transfers and landings
  • Check the backflow flap and the technical installation parts

Further the activities will be summarized in a report.