Planning of fish ladders

Planning of fish ladders

“Der Wasserwirt” takes on planning and construction support activities for various water management projects. These include standardized fish ladders according to the „Guide to the construction of fish ladders (FAH)“ of the Ministry for a livable Austria. In addition to Austria-wide projects, “Der Wasserwirt” is now also planning activities for FAHs in Switzerland, such as an approx. 204 meter long enatureFishpass from the Eglisau / Glattfelden power plant. Furthermore, “Der Wasserwirt” has taken over planning and construction support activities for various fish lift sluice projects, such as for the fish lift Tiag in Treibach / Althofen, for the fish lift Leser in Löllinggraben, for the fish lift Gmunden or the fish lift Partenstein.

Our activities include:

  • Water law submission planning
  • Detailed planning
  • Construction supervision
  • Partial product delivery

Product deliveries include:

  • As the inventor of the fish lift sluice, “Der Wasserwirt” sells this system.
  • “Der Wasserwirt” holds the sales license for the enature (R) Fishpass for Switzerland.