Planning of the enature

Planning of Enature Fishpass / Multi-structure vertical slot (CH, Bavaria)

We are the license holder for the Enature® Fishpass in Switzerland and Bavaria.

The system is a further development of the Vertical Slot Pass. It can be used with different types of waterways (with different water channels). It is a multi-structure slot (multiple slot) with an alternation of the slot side. The Enature® Fishpass enables:

  • Flow rate reduction up to –25%
  • Reduction of water flow up to –40%
  • Defined hydraulic conditions
  • Standardized precast system
  • Short construction time
  • Little need for space

Innovations of the Enature® Fishpass system:

  • Formation of increased roughness
  • Reduced flow velocities in the slot and basin, turbulence and energy dissipation
  • Improved fish pass for weak swimming species and juveniles
  • Flow minimization vs. economic advantage