Development of a reversible fish trap

Research project reversible fish trap

The main purpose of the patented reversible fish trap is to “dampen” the intermittent operation in front of our fish lift systems. The turning trap has four main functions:

  • Fish pass -> Hold the fish in the recreation pool until the entrance to the fish lift sluice opens again.
  • Fish descent -> the corridor is released for fish descent in suitable time windows.
  • Cleaning function -> the turning trap is self-cleaning. It is important to coordinate between the construction, drive and operation of the fish lift sluice.
  • Dimensioning is carried out by “der Wasserwirt”.

A turning fish trap is not absolutely necessary for the fish lift sluices. It dampens the intermittent mode of operation.



The first turning fish trap was implemented at the fish lift sluice at KW Gmunden.


Wendereuse in „Bewegung“ in Richtung Fischaufstiegsposition
Wendereuse in Fischabstiegsposition